Consequences, Part 2


The wife and I had come back together after I did 69 days of time. We were attempting honourable reconciliation, but my wife yet had difficulty in understanding her choices, and so stormed out again on Saturday April 1st, 2023 and is still residing at an unknown location, acting like a juvenile by not talking things through with her husband but rather storming away to "take her own time in her own space". She has yet to return.

She returned on April 11th, but this is a real shit-show with her evitacion approach to understanding that her "young" father who "abused" her in childhood and culminating with his rape of her 14-year-old body by his 48-year-old form. In '87 the age of consent for a rape was 14, so there was nothing for Maritza to do but say "thank-you daddy".
You can just review the evitacion segue section in our Bakery.



Now, on April 1st, 2023 Stacy stormed out of their apartment and ordered Chad that she would call the Police or Building Security if Chad did not let his wife walk out on him again. She is still hanging out with her family in Etobicoke, because she doesn't NEED her "husband" as she can supplant him with her "brother".


Stacy understands EXACTLY what Chad told her last year. Last year she walked out unreasonably perturbed with her husband at 2300H on Fri Dec10, but returned at approx 0200H on Dec12 '21. She came to lie with her husband at 0200H on Dec12 '21.

At approximately 1745H on Dec12 '21, she called the police. Her husband was detained at 1800H on Dec12 '21, but sustained a head injury in custody at 0500H on Dec13 '21 and was admitted to Toronto General Hospital at 0600H.

Chad was later released from 50Div at 1530H on Dec13 '21. And he told her to NEVER repeat her action of calling the #TorontoPolice to "win" her argument as he would likely be destroyed.


on October 6th 2022, Stacy called on the Toronto Police Services to remove her husband from their apartment. Chad was imprisoned at Toronto South Detention Centre until December 13th, 2022.

The charges were:

  1. Criminal Harassment
  2. Assault
  3. Forcible Confinement
  4. Breach of Recognizance
  5. Threatening Death/Bodily Harm

Chad (who had been denied his glasses) pled "no contest" (by clearly stating that he had no reasonable deterrence of the allegations) and was released on time served of 69 days.