Oh, what a tangled web we wove, when first we expected to conceive.. right?

Kerstin Kelly, please let my co-accused understand that I'm getting kinda annoyed, guys. I'm going to go to OUR bank for the IndependentOntario.ca/merger on March 11th, 2024 to clean up the mess you made of OUR firm for your purpose of showing that you're more satisfied by the efficacy of the daddy-killer named Drew William MacPherson's actions and words troublesome.

  • On trial in for his performance, the drunk driver who killed their father in a fatal crash in 2011 (when your heroic provider was 34 years of age) and served like 2-years more because of the pre-trial custody, right? You guys are so fucking stupid.

So he essentially got out of his Halifax House of Detention at in 2018, right? I told you that I'll always protect you from shit you can't handle, but he's really not worth your idea of taking a fall from 2-14 years.

Because White Collar Crime is handled well. I trusted you, and still care about the kids, but there are necessary consequences.

  • 2011 - 1977 = 34
  • was 34 years
  • Born 1977
  • 2024-1977 = 47
  • vehicular manslaughter in 2011
  • sentenced in 2015
  • sentence was 10 years
  • time-served from 2015-2011 was 4 years, which scaled at 200% for pre-trial-confinement means he was served a sentence of approximately 2 years in his place in Nova Scotia.
    Hence, released from custody in 2021 or 2022.

  • "MacPherson had claimed there was a passenger in his car that night and that person bears some blame. MacPherson told the court he rarely drinks and challenged the court to put a case of beer in front of him to test him."

You picked to show that you're a loyal partner only to Mr "DrewZero" MacPherson, Anne. Did you know that by confirmedly stealing more than $5,000 from OUR Independent Ontario Advocacy Group, you've actually chosen to show your toyfriend DrewZero™ that you're just the woman he needs to show him appreciation, with your FRAUD OVER $5,000 against the operation of MY Independent Ontario Advocacy Group.

  • Do you even understand that you've been played, Kelly? Have you heard of out of the frying pan, and into the fire?

I'm assessing our records from the bank (getting more tomorrow) but I told you clearly.. if you're good with my wife and I, you're a part of my life until death.

I'm sorry that the kids will lose their mum, but I know your ex will be able to present them a good support, as my wife and I can help him, if he wants.. it's a fitting paternal role for me as I lost my son and his sister 15 years ago, when their mother walked out on her childish boyfriend in 2008, when I was an ignorant 26-year-old.

Goodnight Kelly Asmatikdz. Tell Kriz Gottiz and Canada Direct Democracy that they should have provided better training for Kerstin Kelly or Anne Farkas to understand the importance of the saying...

"Mess with the best, die like the rest..."

  • I'm doing this for OUR children, Kat. Please understand that I bear you nothing ill.
    • My son and your daughter deserve their rights, not your partial affectation of resonance.
  • PS: Sorry bout the poorly constructed communications of service severance, but I'm too much concentrating upon the health and well-being of her daughter and son, and the correlation to my son and his half-sister, to really care what anyone else thinks. It's a tangled web we wove, for 6-months. From August 24th, 2023 through until February 19th, 2024.. when my business partner broke the single rule we had consented to and agreed upon. C'est la vie.