White Flag

Especially with the rumours that UN troops are on the ground, stop carrying around a fucking Canadian Flag. Carry the Flag of Parlay. They're treating you as belligerents, so follow the Rules of War.



  1. Negotiations between belligerent commanders may be conducted by intermediaries known as parlementaires. The wish to negotiate by parlementaires is frequently indicated by the raising of a white flag, but any other method of communication such as radios may be employed.
    HlVR Art 32
  2. Parlementaires normally operate under a white flag of truce. A parlementaire may be accompanied by other personnel agreed upon by the commanders involved. In order to indicate good faith the belligerent wishing to despatch, a parlementaire should cease firing until a reply is received from the adverse party.
    HlVR Art 32
  3. There is no obligation upon the adverse party to receive a parlementaire. The adverse party does not have to cease combat. The belligerent may not fire upon the parlementaire, white flag or party. The parlementaire and those who are in his or her party are entitled to complete inviolability, so long as they do nothing to abuse this protection, or to take advantage of their protected position.
    HlVR Art s 33 & 34
  4. To fire intentionally upon the white flag carried by a parlementaire is a war crime.
    HIVR Arts 23 (c); AP I Art 85 (3) (e)
  5. The belligerent to whom a parlementaire is proceeding may take all steps necessary to protect the safety of the belligerent’s position, and prevent the parlementaire from taking advantage of the visit to secure information. The adverse party may therefore prescribe the route to be taken by the parlementaire, employ blindfolds, limit the size of the party, or take similar action. A parlementaire may proceed on foot, by vehicle, or otherwise, as agreed with the adverse party.
    HIVR Art 33
  6. Although reinforcements may be brought up while the parlementaire is conducting negotiations, it is an abuse of the white flag to make use of it solely for the purpose of moving troops without interference by the adverse party.
    HIVR Art 34
  7. After making contact with the adverse party, the parlementaire must obey any orders that a party provides regarding the entry of that party’s lines, and must withdraw if so instructed. During the withdrawal and return to the parlementaire’s own lines, the parlementaire continues to enjoy inviolability and may not be attacked. When ordered to withdraw, the parlementaire must be given a reasonable time in which to do so. Failure to withdraw results in loss of protection and the parlementaire may then be fired upon. If the parlementaire remains within enemy lines after being ordered to withdraw, he loses his inviolability and may be made a PW. Detention may occur if the parlementaire has abused the position of parlementaire, for example, by collecting information covertly. It is not an abuse of the position for the parlementaire, however, to report on observations made.
    GIV Art 34
  8. Only the parlementaire and an interpreter are entitled to enter enemy lines. The other members of the party must obey orders given by the adverse party. They remain entitled to protection until the parlementaire rejoins them and they return to their own lines. Whenever possible, the parlementaire should be an officer and is always entitled to the courtesies related to that rank.
  9. A parlementaire should, whenever possible, carry messages in writing, and the contents should be clear and unambiguous. The parlementaire cannot demand to be taken to the adverse party's commanding officer, unless this has been previously arranged. The parlementaire must hand the message, or if it is verbal deliver it, to the officer who receives him. The parlementaire is entitled to a receipt for any message given to a receiving officer, or to the adverse party's commanding officer. If the message is verbal in character, the receiving officer is entitled to demand that it be reduced to writing. Any measure that may be taken against the parlementaire or attending members of the party must be reported to the sending belligerent without delay.

To be continued...