Re: Appeal under Statutory Powers Procedure Act

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Good afternoon,
Please find attached the Certificate of Stay issued for the above noted matter. Toronto Divisional Court File No 107/22.  
Payments can be made by sending us a certified cheque or money order via regular mail. The Cheque should be made to the Minister of Finance and should include a cover letter, a copy of the Notice filed, or a copy of the email confirmation from the Court that identifies the style of cause/file number. Court fees can now be paid immediately over the phone through a secure credit card transaction by leaving a voicemail requesting a return call or an email indicating file number style of cause, phone number and your request to pay by credit card. Otherwise you may attend at our office during our reduced hours to make payments between 9a.m-11a.m and 2p.m-4p.m. The cost to file the appeal is $229 for the appeal, $31 for the stay and $608 to perfect. 

  • Regards,
    • Taylor MacIver
    • Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario
    • Divisional Court, Osgoode Hall
    • 130 Queen Street West Unit 174
    • Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N5