Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 02/07/2022 - 19:55
Your share function is for the two sites guaranteed to censor and block you? Brilliant! Now I know the proprietors of this site are morons.
The "share function" is for the two principle "mainstream" social media to make inroads into the normie stratum. Most people that are "awake" to tyranny, are aware of how to share the address via copy & paste or the browsers share function.
And your preferred mode appears to be to take the path of least resistance.. which generally will lead you directly into ghettos.

These sites are primarily designed for outreach into the normie stratum. Generally speaking, netizens who know about censorship know how to share the UR,. We've gone with a clean implementation with the two largest share platforms rather than a cluttered implementation of ShareThis which will have 30+ different platforms.

Simplicity is elegance and efficacy. Generally speaking, >97% of our links are not throttled, although a couple of our domains are blacklisted. Therein lies the beauty of our Covfefe Hydra.