Sherman Estates Motion and a Motion Without Notice of 2022Aug12


Dear Divisional Court, and Participants in 107/22,

Pursuant Registrar directions (upload and submit documents on the same day day) I've re-submitted the electronic documents (direction of Nizhane Para in her email dated 20220719, 1006EDT) so please be advised to disregard row 0001, 0002, 0003 and solely use row 0004 and a file named ONSC_DC-107_22-20220812-Appellant_Binder_of_Authorities-r20220719.pdf which clearly indicates that it is a REVISION to the correctly submitted document indicated below.

  • We have uploaded the proper Binder of Authorities (ONSC_DC-107_22-20220812-Appellant_Binder_of_Authorities.pdf) to the CaseLines instance, so you can delete or disregard row 0001 and 0002, as they are included in the PDF portfolio on row 0003. I realized belatedly that it'll be more intuitive to just have them enclosed in the same PDF.

Please advise in a timely fashion if you have any further pedantic minutia to critique, and I will strive to accommodate your requests in a timely fashion. Thank-you,

Please confirm receipt of this message.

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Additional commentary forthcoming...