Notice of Interim Declaration

It's really about the merger or acquisition of two separate entities into a single colloidal organization.

Reference: Colloids include gels, sols, and emulsions;
the particles do not settle, and cannot be separated.


I care about my grrl M, but my acquaintance K provided me the opportunity to achieve a corollary repeat of paternal qualification.

I formally recognized Kelly as my Business Partner on her birthday, August 24th, 2023. It was my quiet nod in a "welcome to the club" because we were both 41 on that date.

Kelly consented to this partnership, and we developed like a unit of corollary equals.. we argued a LOT, but we always respected each other. I've even had to notify my wife that K is my brethren, nothing more but DEFINITELY nothing less.

I'm willing to take a bullet for my brethren. This has never happened to me, because I've never understood my brethren as my doppelgänger, essentially.

  • Quote from the "Notice of Intentionality" I issued to you on February 10th, 2024:
    • "We’re fighting like children, please don’t make it any worse than it already is... so please respect me as your equal. This is a long message, so please take some time to read it.
    • ..
    • I've informed you that I've documented OUR Independent Ontario Advocacy Group financial shell very coherently. I've also formally given you the option, Door A or Door B. You're my associate Anne, and I care about you and your children.. as I feel a spiritual obligation [to protect you] nearly as much as I care about my wife and myself.
    • ..
    • I uttered the LEGAL CONTRACT for your review and allowed for any questions you had during your interpretation of the contract. If you still deny the contract existed, we'll go through Door B, and you'll get your day in court.
    • ..
    • I know your strength, but you don't understand my weakness. We're a team, my dear business partner whether we’re friends every day or not, which is precisely the thing my wife and I deal with.. we argue once or twice a month and are [often] in disagreement, yet we’re married and realize that our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony has a perpetuity.

    • Please give my love to the children, and allow yourself to understand the immensity of my respect for you, Anne, for we’re both VERY GOOD at properly rendering certain operations. I care about my wife just a bit more than «I protect» you, which is why I’ve more readily asserted you as my spiritual doppelgänger or just "my sister".
    • ..
    • I care about you and your children because of the correlation to my son (15) and his step-sister (18), and to our connection as brethren, cuz we both play the same «type of» games. I care about and protect you as one of the few people I actually care about, yet I love and am married to M, my wife of over 13 years in a matrimonial partnership. You’re my business partner, nothing more but definitely nothing less, as I run operations with nobody other than the people I «know and» trust.
    • ..
    • Feb19th is significant by its corollary with our Independent Ontario Advocacy Group shell. Thanks for the agreed upon $100 repayment on Feb09th, as repayment for the loan I personally issued to you by Interac e-Transfer from my Covfefe Bakery shell on Jan29th. Your actions are fully appreciated as coherence and understanding of how teams operate in cohesion.
    • ..
    • You do recall that WE incorporated OUR shell on August 24th, and I’ve kept “obsessing" (as both you and my wife misinterpret this concentrative process) since about 6 months and 6 days ago, right? I treat you as my reflexion, in a sense. That’s why I’ve broken so many personal self-interests «limitations» for you and the kids. Do you honestly think I didn’t know or understand you yet?
    • Please understand that I’ve calculated for both Alpha and Beta as variants. I may feel significant pain or loss at one time or another, but I understand the sacrosanctity of the Murphy* reasoning.
    • ..
    • PS. If you do not confirm that you’ve received this communication, I will accommodate with submission for the adequate public consumption, so hopefully you’ll be informed appropriately. That’s the primary reasoning for my including LJ in this matter. This can be summed up as you're with me, because we're each the best at what we specialize in..

"I may make partial releases of this email to the public as a subtle nudge to you about your process lacking a certain efficacy."

    • "However, there is a resonance for the saying in Hackers, where Murphy says 'Mess with the best, die like the rest!' I respect and protect you as an associate in OUR declaration uttered on August 24th, 2023. Would there be some odd resonance with February 19th, 2024 do you understand?"

It's also part of the USMC code, just as an FYI... ATO.