Mr Hillier to Ms Orozco re Goodbye

Maritza, you've made your choice. You love your mother and your father more than you love your husband and our son.
I've been hurting in a million ways, but no one else can see.. 'Cause no one took 'me seriously. Till the injuries.. So you took it out of God's hands and into yours, giving your therapist father, your immunity. I don't wanna hurt no more, seriously Maritza.

You hate me.. so that I'm worse, worth less than your mother and your father. You filed false charges of ASSAULT and FORCIBLE CONFINEMENT against me for telling you that your special Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco belonged in jail, and that the recent amendment to the Limitations Act means the world can see that your father is not a saint.


Bill 132 amends the Limitations Act 2002 to provide that there are no limitation periods for cases “based on a sexual assault”. There will also be no limitation periods for cases based on “any other misconduct of a sexual nature if, at the time of the misconduct, the person with the claim was a minor or if there is an authority, dependence or trust relationship”.


You say that I'm a coward, compared to your Ho'rozco normalcy bias. You claimed via telephone:

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  • "You are a coward, Isaac. You're hiding behind your insecurities and take it out on a woman and the woman, in this case is me, your wife. So you never were a Christian, you never were a Catholic. You always stuck to your heathen ways, so that means you know, that you’re fake.. you never were a Catholic, you don't believe in Jesus Christ, you don't believe in marriage.
  • "These fake Annulments are like divorces you acquire.. marriages are of a Catholic nature are of the church, as if it were something of a pagan civil marriage that can be undone, calling married dogs animals, men to men, women to women, this is what civil marriages are. And you think that.. that God respects that. God will respect your annulment. Yes, Isaac, you're abusive. You have to learn.
  • "You can't send me something from 2022 that says the same thing that I told you, that it's wrong what you said. You think you're perfect. You're almost like a devil. You think you're so perfect. Only Jesus is perfect okay. You're not perfect. You're actually aligning with the devil.
  • "So if you like, if you want to abuse me because I was a rape victim, you want to belittle me because I don't want to press charges because it's hurtful and painful for me to be saying this out loud. It's torturous. I mean, you want to torture me, even if it means punishing me, making me, putting me down.
  • You're a great example. You're a poor example in reality for a man. You're not. You're cruel. Okay? This is what you want.. you want an Annulment.. your friend will be happy, you will be happy because you're with the devil. You don't choose God. So this is it, this is my message. You don't love me. You don't love God, and you don't love yourself either.
  • "You’ve cried under your insecurities.. You're not confident about yourself. You accuse me of sleeping with others. I'm not on the streets, okay? But.. regardless, where I'm at you don’t need to know. Because why? Because you're abusive. You're an abusive person. Even now you've probably put up my phone number online.
  • "This is how you are, you’re abusive. How you treat.. no wonder Kathleen didn’t.. she left you, she was scared of you because.. and angry with you.. you’re.. you’re an abuser, okay?
  • A stalker, abuser.. you don’t respect a woman. You don't respect a woman, you don't respect a mother, you know, your mother didn’t teach you well."
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Which just indicates to me that I'm less of a man and less important to you than your mother and father, even your brother.

So I was VERY clear what this last chance means. Let it burn.

I love you as my wife, and will be faithful to you pending the Annulment. You value the childhood you experienced as a 14-year-old daughter who was appreciated and entrenched by your father on one or more occasion since the death of your "brother" in 1987.

You filed false criminal charges of ASSAULT and FORCIBLE CONFINEMENT against myself when I told you that your Fr Fausto Enrique Orozco is punishable for having raped his daughter in '87.

You made your choice. Kelly is the adoptive mother for my son, just as much as I am the father to her adopted daughter. I protect my son and daughter, just like you protect your mother and father.

I've been addressing this since before your mother died on July 5th, 2021 but you have ignored what I have to say because I'm a lowly German-Scottish-Canadian Mutt. According to your logic, only the forceful latinos like Fr Fausto and Br David are worthy your respect.

I will always love you, but the pain will hopefully decrease as I regain the love of my son and daughter.