Is Kelly really angry? Or is she just hot in the head for Isaac?

I hope you two have talked, because our God acts through the trials and tribulations provided us as we, the People who proceed before Christ. I understand that Maritza may not be of agreement with what my position is, but whatever.. I’m not really a proper father to my son (Born Noah, renamed to Travis as spec’d by his mum Kat.. which makes sense from the CAS protection perspective) and the thing is, even the Bible attests to us resisting and/or revoking evil in our midst. Even though Christ declared the responsibility to turn the other cheek or other sector of entry for evil..

He meant to after being struck, prevent yet others from being struck similarly by recognizing and striking= the evil entity in order to prevent recurrence by other actors.

Very simple.. after being a victim, you have the freedom to choose whether to allow such assaults to be continued without resistance, or to prevent the recurrence of similar criminal acts by formally recognizing and punishing the actors.

Basically, you're either with us or against us. Very simple.